"Jesus told all these things using picture-stories to the many people.
He did not speak to them without using picture-stories."

Matthew 13:34, Holy Bible, New Life Version       

The Storying Scarf is a cotton scarf designed to put an inexpensive set of durable pictures representing Godís Word in the hands of people who could use it to independently share Godís Word where missionaries cannot go. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a series of 21 Chronological Bible stories.

Since 1999, over 42,000 scarves have gone to almost every country in the world to help people learn and share the truths of Scripture.

The scarf is about 24 x 48 inches and the picture size about 15" x 26" on cotton fabric. We cannot donate Scarves due to our costs of providing these tools for our Missionaries and Evangelical  Mission trips.  Please send email orders to: stating number and names and addresses for mailing. If orders are from overseas, please send name and address of someone in the USA who can deliver your order via suitcase express.  I look forward to serving you in the future.

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