Understanding the Storying Scarf

The Design of the Scarf

The pictures of the scarf are in chronological order. Each picture illustrates one story. The 21 pictures are arranged in an S-shaped line, starting at the upper right corner when the scarf is held long axis up and down. The progression is from the corner down, then across and up the middle, then across and down, ending diagonally opposite of the first picture. Many cultures have an understanding of a “path to God” or a “road of God.” Sura 1 of the Qu’ran says, “teach us the righteous way O God.” The scarf layout facilitates such an approach.

You will note that many large jumps are made, i.e. Creation to the Fall. The jumps can be compensated-for through transitional material and comments within the stories. There was an upper limit to the number of pictures on the scarf and some subjects are difficult to portray without being distracting or offensive.

Picture 21 is different in that it is primarily expository. It is designed to help listeners who have learned the stories to have an evangelistic emphasis when they tell the stories. Ideas for a presentation are included in the outlines.

Using the Scarf

As you begin, you should teach the hearers that there are many other stories in scripture. The ones on the scarf will help them to understand the plan God has had since the beginning of the world.

You may choose in some settings to tell all 20 stories at once, but this would only be to generate interest. Few people will remember that much material at one sitting! Or, over a period of a few days with several sessions, you might be able to tell all the stories. However, for the best chance of effectively communicating the story, I recommend one story at a time, with at least a week of time between sessions.

I use individual pictures for teaching each story (these are available from the same source as the scarf in 11x8.5" format). This reduces distraction. I use to scarf to show where each story comes in sequence. An alternative method is to fold the scarf during the presentation so only 1-3 pictures show at a time.

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