Outlines of Bible Stories for
Storying Scarf: Pictures 1 - 7



God made everything and it was good

Scripture - GN 1:1-3, 31a

Visual Aid - Nothing ("What do you see in my [empty] hand?")

Before creation there was nothing

God created everything

He created angels. Some of angels rebelled against God and became demons.

God put the demons on earth. Satan is the king of the demons.

God created all we can see: Animals, trees, mountains, rivers, sky, stars, sun.

Creation was perfect

Last thing God created was man/woman

God made man from dust and woman from man’s rib.

Woman was to be man’s helper and companion.

God breathed life into them.

They were naked.

God put them in a garden.

God said that creation was good and He rested.

There was no sin in the world.

God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, but to obey Him and not eat of fruit of tree in center of garden.

They were to rule over creation and fill the earth.

Remember that outlines, lists, and logical arguments are difficult for people to remember. You will have to be creative to communicate the days of Creation, the Ten Commandments, and the Plagues of Egypt without using lists.


The Fall

Man sinned -- turned away from God

Transition - God created everything in the world - It was good. God created man special; He breathed life into man. He told humans to be fruitful and multiply and to eat of any fruit except one. He wanted them to obey Him.

Scripture-GN 3:1-3

Visual Aid - fruit, dirt, thorns, fur, big leaves. Note: A leaf can illustrate not only the clothes that they made, but also to clarify, "surely you will die." They DID die, just as surely as a leaf dies when it is picked, even though it maintains the appearance of life.

Man and woman had good lives in Eden

They had no real work, no hunger, no thirst, no pain, didn’t need clothes.

They were to rule over creation and give animals names.

They were not ashamed.

God talked to them directly.

God told them not to eat of the one tree.

Eve ventured close to the forbidden tree.

Serpent called her, tempted her.

“Has God said?” and “You will not die.” He lied.

Eve ate fruit; then took it to Adam, and tempted him; he ate.

They discovered they were naked. They were ashamed. Made clothes from leaves.

God called, “Adam, where are you?” “Who told you that you were naked?”

Adam confesses.

God cast them out of the garden.

God cursed them: Man will have to work and sweat, land bring thorns. Woman will suffer in childbirth.

God was merciful. He made clothes for them from skins of animal. He covered the results of their sin through the death of an animal.

God put a flaming sword to prevent re-entry into garden.

God told them to spread out and populate the earth.

Adam and Eve had children and all of them were sinners.


Cain and Abel

Adam and Eve's offspring were like their parents, sinners

Transition - God made earth a nice place for man, but man was tempted by Satan, and sinned. Because of this, Adam and Eve had to leave the wonderful place God prepared for them. They had to work and suffer. Children were like their parents: sinners. God could have destroyed them, but he had mercy on them.

Scripture- GN 4: 1,2-7

Visual Aid- Stone

Adam and Eve’s first born was Cain. He became a farmer.

Their second born, Abel, became a shepherd. (Describe roles)

They practiced a type of religion with sacrifices.

Cain gave part of his farming produce.

Abel, the first-born of his flocks.

God accepted Abel’s sacrifice. God didn’t accept Cain’s sacrifice.

Abel offered his sacrifice in faith and it involved the shedding of blood.

Cain became very angry.

God asked Cain why he was angry and told him not to let sin be his master.

Later, Cain was still angry. He lured Abel into farm, killing him.

God addressed Cain: “Where is brother?”/ “Am I my brother’s keeper”/“Your brother’s blood is calling out…”

God punished Cain for his sin, made him a wanderer.

God showed his mercy. He put a mark on Cain so no one would kill him.



God punishes sin, keeps his promises, and provides a savior

Transition - Main points of previous stories. Clarify who were the first sinners? Were their offspring sinners?

Scripture - GN 6:5-8

Visual Aid - Tar, boat model.

The children of Adam and Eve continued to commit worse and worse sins.

People stopped loving and obeying God entirely.

God was displeased. He was sorry He made man.

One man was righteous - Noah.

God told him to build a boat, that he was going to destroy mankind with a flood.

Noah started building a very big boat of wood and tar with his family helping him.

Noah preached and warned the people.

The people laughed at Noah and mocked God.

Clouds gathered. Pairs of animals started coming. The animals and Noah's family entered the boat.

God closed the door of the boat.

Rained for 40 days and nights. Water came up out of the ground.

Everyone drowned except Noah and his family.

They were on boat for more than 12 months.

Water went down. (Mud everywhere.)

God opened the door and the animals and people came out.

Noah offered a sacrifice to thank God for sparing him and his family.

God put a rainbow in the sky as a as a promise that He wouldn’t destroy the world again with water.


Sodom and Gomorrah

God hates and punishes sin

Transition - Main points of stories 1-4 + tell that much time passed. People increased in number and spread out into the world. All were sinners. Some places they sinned very badly and God hates sin.

Scripture - GN 19:1, 12, 13

Visual Aid - Salt

There were two cities - Sodom and Gomorrah, that were very sinful. In Sodom lived a righteous man named Lot, his wife and two daughters.

They were sinners, but they did not do the bad things of the city.

God decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

God knew that Lot was a righteous man, and had mercy on him.

God sent angels to warn Lot to leave the city, for it would be destroyed in the AM.

People of the city came to Lot’s house and wanted to attack the angels.

The angels blinded the people of the city.

That night, Lot, his wife, and daughters fled the city.

Angels told them to trust God and follow God’s plan: not to look back.

As they ran away, Lot’s wife looked back. She turned into a pillar of salt.

Lot and daughters were saved because God had mercy on them.

God punished the wicked people in the cities.


Abraham and Isaac

God has a plan

Transition - Emphasize sin and its effects as brought out in the stories to this point. We should flee sin because God will destroy sinners.

Scripture - GN 22:1-2

Visual Aid - knife, rope


There was a righteous man whose name was Abram. God chose him because he was a man of faith. He trusted God.

Abram (Abraham) had a wife called Sarai (Sarah). He had no children, but he was the uncle of Lot.

God asked Abram to migrate from where he lived to a place he didn’t know.

Abram gathered his possessions and moved.

Because Abram had faith, God made some promises to him:

He will have a land all his own.

He will have many children.

All the peoples of the world will be blessed through his offspring.

Abram believed God, but became an old man without his wife having a child. Sarai was far beyond child-bearing years.

About the time of Sodom and Gomorrah destruction, angels came to Abram and told him in a year he would have a son.

Abram and Sarai laughed, because they were very old.

One year later they had a son they called “Laughter.” (Isaac)

They loved Isaac very much. They gave him fine clothes, etc.

God told Abram to take Isaac, wood, and go to a place where Abram would slaughter Isaac as a sacrifice.

Abram had faith and did this. Isaac asked, “Where is the animal for sacrifice?” Abram said, “God will provide.”

They got to the place. Abram made the altar, put the wood on it, tied Isaac up, and prepared to kill him.

Angel stopped him. “Don’t hurt the boy.” Abram saw a ram that God provided.

God told Abram that He was pleased with him, because he had faith.

(Changed their names to Abraham and Sarah)

God reminded Abraham of his promises (land, children, bless the world)

Isaac grew and had children and grandchildren.



God keeps his promises and blesses those who have faith in him.

Transition - Review previous stories with emphasis on God’s mercy and promises. Tell that many years passed, Isaac grew, had children and died. One of Abraham’s grandchildren and his family migrated to Egypt and his descendents lived there for more than 400 years. This outline is short. You can add explanations, the series of plagues, more in-depth material, etc, as you are able.

Scripture - EX 1:7

Visual Aid - Mud brick

Descendents of Abraham moved to Egypt to escape a famine.

They were given land by the king. It was good land.

They lived their 400 years without trouble

God blessed them and they grew big in number and wealth.

Egypt got a new King who said “Abraham's family is too big. Perhaps they will conquer us.”

King made them slaves: building a city of mud brick.

Still, because of God’s blessing, they grew in number.

King made their lives worse. Still they were blessed.

Then, king started killing male children. Times were very hard. There was crying and wailing, etc.

God heard the cries of the offspring of Abraham. He knew their suffering.

God planned to someone to rescue the family of Abraham - His people because He has mercy and love.

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