Outlines of Bible Stories for
Storying Scarf: Pictures 8 - 14


The Burning Bush

God calls someone to rescue his people.

Transition - Review basic history of Abraham and descendents. Emphasize God's blessings in Egypt as well as the suffering.

Scripture - EX 3:1,2,4

Visual Aid - Shepherd’s stick

One family had faith and hid child, named Moses.

When child grew too big, they hid him in a basket (etc.)

Moses grew up in Kings house.

When young man, Moses killed someone who was beating one of the offspring of Abraham - the people of God.

Moses fled to the wilderness.

Moses wandered many herding sheep as God prepared to deliver the family of Abraham.

Moses was herding, saw a bush burning but not consumed.

Heard voice, “Take off your shoes, holy ground.”/“You are to go to Egypt and rescue my people.”/“I Am who I Am.” God revealed himself.

Moses was afraid. God gave him miracles: staff to snake, leprous hand.

Moses found faith and returned to King asking him to release Israelites. King refused.

Moses spoke to the people of God and told them that he would help them escape to the land God had promised to Abraham, their forefather.

God is very powerful. He sent ten plagues, even killed first-born children of all but those who put blood on their door posts.

The king of Egypt told them to leave. They did, into wilderness, following Moses, their savior.


10 Commandments

God expects righteousness

Transition - Review details about Abrahamic Promise, the migration to Egypt, the suffering, and Moses’ rescue.

Scripture - EX 20:1-17

Visual Aid - Yellow metal earrings


The descendents of Abraham left Egypt. The Egyptians were very angry and sent army.

God’s people were many. Easy to find in the wilderness.

They came to edge of large lake and were trapped!

God opened the water and they walked through on dry land.

Army entered the path through the water. God made the water close on them and killed them.

On the way to the promised land, God provided food and water in the wilderness, but the people complained.

Moses climbed a mountain to pray alone. God's presence was in a storm with thunder and lightning came. The people were afraid.

God gave Moses 10 commands. There is no other God. Do not worship idols. Don’t work on 7th day. Don’t steal, murder, commit adultery, (etc). God wrote these on flat stones.

Many days Moses stayed on mountain. The people began to doubt. They thought Moses died.

The children of Abraham made a God they could see. They gave earrings and money, (etc) and made a calf idol and worshipped it.

They also committed other sins.

Moses came down and found the people carrying on. He became very angry. Moses threw down the writings of the laws of God.

Moses had the worshipers of the calf idol killed.

Moses made new stone tablets. God re-wrote the 10 commandments upon them.

The people were killed because they disobeyed God. He wants us to obey Him.


Bronze Serpent

God is merciful and provides a way of salvation. He wants us to do things His way.

Transition - Talk about God’s mercy - He provided covering for Adam and Eve, protection for Cain; Rescued Noah from the flood; Rescued Lot & family from Sodom; Used Moses to rescue God’s people from Egypt. Here we see how God made a way for his people to come to him and when they refused they died.

Scripture - NU 21: 5-6

Visual Aid - Shepherd’s staff - Toy snake

While God’s people were migrating, they continued to complain and did not trust God. They came to the edge of the promised land. Sent people in to look at the land. The land was very good, but there was danger so they had to depend on God.

The people refused to enter what God had given to them.

God decided to destroy his people, but Moses prayed and God heard his prayer.

God told Moses to tell His people that they would wander in the wilderness 40 years

God said that all who refused to enter Promised Land would never enter it.

While wandering in the wilderness, people complained more and disobeyed God.

God sent snakes to bite the people and many people were bitten.

Moses prayed again and God heard his prayer.

God told Moses to make a metal serpent and put it on a pole. Anyone who would look at the serpent would be healed. If they did not look, they would die.

Moses took bronze serpent out among the people. Some looked and were saved. Others refused ('That’s not our tradition/religion') and died. Some would not even consider something new & died.

After this, Abraham's family wandered for many years. God loved them. They had food and water. Their clothes and shoes didn’t wear out. Slowly all the people who refused to enter promised land died.

God brought them into the promised land and gave them the land. They built cities and made farms and lived in the land many years.


The Birth of Jesus

God keeps his promises and sends a special child

Transition - Review the story of the rescue of the people of God from Egypt, the wanderings and miracles in the wilderness, and the occupation of the promised land. Discuss that many years passed. Wars were fought. Different kings and governments controlled the promised land. God sent many prophets to warn the people of God and to tell them that God would send a savior. These prophets told where and when the savior would be born and what he would do in his ministry.

Scripture - LK 2:8-11

Visual Aid - Bag of straw - baby clothes

God had sent many prophets who told that He was sending someone who would save them from the punishment from their sins.

Living in promised land was a man named Joseph who was engaged to young woman, named Mary.

Mary had never had relations with a man, but God created a child in her womb by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Joseph found out she was pregnant and planned to divorce her.

Angels visited Joseph and Mary, saying, “This is of God.”

Joseph married Mary.

Government made everyone return to the town of their ancestors.

Mary was very close to delivering. Traveled to Bethlehem.

They couldn’t find a room and stayed in a stable. Mary delivered Jesus among the animals.

Angels went to shepherds and said, “Today a savior is born. God is with us.”

Shepherds went and worshipped baby Jesus.

When Jesus was baby, they took him to the temple to give a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God.

In temple every day was Simeon. He was a very old man. God had told him he would not die until he saw God’s savior. When Mary and Joseph brought in Jesus, God told Simeon that this was the savior.

An old woman named Anna was there. She also remembered God’s promise that he would send a savior. Anna and Simeon rejoiced, shouting in the Temple that the savior had come.

You may want to add the story of the young Jesus (12 year old) in the Temple here or in the transition to the next story.


The Baptism of Jesus

Jesus started his ministry with baptism. Baptism is normative for new believers

Transition - Life of Jesus up to 30 y.o. Tell how he fulfilled OT prophecies, virgin, Bethlehem, etc. (See note accompanying The Lord's Supper Story.)

Scripture - MT 3:13-17

Visual Aid - Sandal, as in 'unfit to remove…"

God sent a prophet named John. He was a cousin of Jesus. He preached in the wilderness, not in town. (Don't confuse John & Jesus)

John told the people to repent, to follow God, to do right. He baptized people

Baptism is like becoming a new person. The old person is [washed] dead and buried.

John old the people to work and be happy with what they had, and to do good.

People asked John if he was the savior. He said “someone is coming after me who I am not fit to remove his shoes.”

He also said, “prepare the way of the Lord.”

When Jesus was about 30 y.o. he started his ministry by traveling to where John was preaching.

When John saw Jesus, he said, “Look at the sacrifice that will take away the sins of the whole world.”

Jesus entered the water. John didn’t want to baptize him, because John knew Jesus was holy.

Jesus said, “Baptize me to show what is right.”

John put Jesus under the water.

When Jesus came up out of the water, they heard a loud voice, “This is my Son* in whom I am well-pleased.”

The spirit of God came down like a dove and lighted on Jesus.

This way Jesus began ministry.

This way we begin our walk with God.

*Jesus' identity as Son is usually denied by Muslims, so you may experience rejection if you emphasize this.

Optional secondary story: Ethiopian Eunuch

After Jesus’ life on earth, one of his followers met a man from Africa. The man was studying God’s Word but didn’t understand God’s promises. Jesus’ follower explained it to him. The African asked, “ I believe. Why can I not be baptized now?”

Jesus’ follower went into the water with the African and baptized him.

Jesus showed us what is right and now we do what is right. When we become believers, we are baptized.


Jesus Calms the Sea

Jesus had power over the natural world.

Transition - Talk about how Jesus was fulfilled prophecy. God told Abraham that one of his descendents would bless the whole world. Jesus was one of his descendents. God sent prophets who said that God’s savior would come. Jesus came. John said that Jesus was the chosen one of God. God said, this is my son. Jesus was baptized at the start of his work. Jesus was the chosen one of God, and was very powerful.

Scripture - LK 8:22-25

Visual Aid - Bucket, gourd [for bailing], water (to lightly splash hearers)

(This is one of the shorter stories so you should do more review along with it.)

After Jesus was baptized, many people started coming to him to hear him preach. He also healed people and did other miracles. Jesus selected 12 followers who he taught and who traveled with him.

One day he spent all day preaching and healing. He was very tired and got into a boat to go away from the crowds of people who came to him.

When on the boat, he went to sleep. He was at peace.

A storm came up and blew very hard. (Describe storm colorfully))

Jesus’ followers were fishermen. They knew about boats.

The storm was very bad and they were afraid. “Don’t you care if we die?”

Jesus got up and asked, “Why are you afraid? Where is your faith?”

Jesus stood up, stretched out hand, “Peace, be still.”

The wind stopped. The rain stopped. The waves stopped. It became very calm.

Jesus' followers asked, “What kind of man is this that even the wind and waves obey him?”

Jesus showed them that he had the power of God over the natural world.

They brought the boat to the other side of the lake.


Jesus heals a demon- possessed man.

Jesus has power over evil

Transition - We saw how Jesus had a miraculous birth. He was shown to be God’s chosen man. Hundreds of people came to hear his preaching and to be healed. He also showed that he had the power of God over nature. God is powerful over everything, even evil.

Scripture - MK 5: 1-5

Visual Aid - chain

Last story, Jesus and followers were in a boat. Jesus calmed a storm.

A man lived on the other side of the lake. He was demon-possessed.

Demoniac lived in places where dead people were buried. He was naked. They tried to tie him up with chains, but he always escaped. He hurt himself. He was totally out of his mind.

When Jesus and his followers came to that side of the lake the man ran up to them and threw himself down.

The demons cried out: “Jesus, son of the most high God, what do you want with me?”

Jesus asked, “What is your name?” The demons replied, "Multitude, for we are many."

The demons didn’t want to come out. They knew Jesus could destroy them. They begged Jesus to send them into a herd of hogs, nearby.

Jesus sent them into hogs. Hogs ran into water and drowned. [The hogs would rather die than have a demon]

The possessed man regained his senses and put on clothes.

He asked to go with Jesus. Jesus told him to go home to his people. He did and spread the Gospel, city to city.

People from the town heard what happened, came out and begged Jesus to go away. They thought they were happy but they missed the truth.

Jesus and followers got back into boat and left.


The Three Biggest Obstacles to Storying:

Getting started the 1st time

Adapting to interruptions

Staying interesting

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